Unleash the Power of ChatGPT in Project and Team Management

Boost your work productivity by 10x while spending 50% less time on task management tools.

AI-Generated Reports and Insights

Our platform automates performance reporting, provides answers through ChatGPT's analysis of historical data, and tracks AI usage to evaluate its impact on workflows.

Realtime Analytics - Marketup X Webflow Template

AI Usage

The AI usage chart provides a visual representation of the utilization of AI by team members over the past few weeks.

Automated Reports - Marketup X Webflow Template

Team Pulse

Team Pulse presents visuals of task types and status within a selected time period.

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Project Progress Table

A concise overview of project advancement, estimated hours and cost, enabling efficient monitoring of project timelines and budgets.

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Task Insights

A tree diagram that illustrates the interdependencies among project tasks, facilitating effective planning and sequencing for successful project execution.


A concise summary of your workload, project history, and task status. Enabling you to visualize progress, manage dependencies, and keeps you informed at a glance.


One Click to Auto-Create Tasks with Notes from

Advanced Tracking - Marketup X Webflow Template

Insert any notes or context, and use ChatGPT to create tasks.

In-depth Monitoring - Marketup X Webflow Template

Auto-create tasks with title, time, assignee, and other details filled.

AI-Generated Tags and Data-Driven Assignments

Weekly and Monthly Reports - Marketup X Webflow Template


Auto-generate tags to categorize and organize your tasks.

Individual User Analytics - Marketup X Webflow Template


AI-suggested task assignments based on past experience and skills.


Unlock Boundless Productivity Potential: One workspace for notes, tasks, databases, collaboration, and customization.

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